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Lawrence Krauss – Weighing the Universe

Internationally renowned theoretical physicist Professor Lawrence Krauss directs the Origins Project at Arizona State University. He has been called a "public intellectual" by Scientific American and is the only physicist ever to have been awarded the highest awards of all three major U.S. physics societies.
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Lisa and Jeff Smith – Even my 6 Year-old could Draw a better Super Nova than that!

The current project of Professors Jeff and Lisa Smith, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, is to identify how best to encourage people’s appetite for information about space. They have joined a group of scientists at the NASA-affiliated Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics to study the interplay between education, aesthetics and astronomy.
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Will Rifkin – Why should I listen to You?: how we decide whom to regard as an 'expert'

Dr Will Rifkin has degrees from MIT, University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford University. For 10 years he was director of the Science Communication Programme at UNSW, Australia. He specialises in communication between technical and nontechnical people and the notion of ‘expert status.’
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Andrew Waterworth – Can non-scientists tell science stories?

With a career in television spanning over 30 years, Andrew Waterworth's experience as reporter, presenter, producer and executive producer has yielded an inherent understanding of what makes great television.
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Jay O'Callahan – Stories are the way we understand life

Jay O'Callahan knows stories like nobody else. He has been creating and performing stories for decades. Described by Time Magazine as "a genius among storytellers," he was commissioned by NASA to produce Forged in the Stars, which celebrated 50 years of space exploration.
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Dennis Aig – The Eighth Summit: Re-Imagining Natural History Filmmaking in the iEra

This talk explores the options filmmakers have to understand and control the major changes currently transforming natural history media. Ubiquitous Internet access and mobile devices are redefining our expectations of time, distance and visual content. The transformation involves the merging of speculative aesthetics with data-intensive image capture and inquiry. Our changing perspectives on the natural world will create profoundly different imagery, narrative lines, and audience impacts. Ultimately, the new era will be a good thing if only because of its inevitability.
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Peter Biggs – Normal Weird: New Zealand's Bright Future

Former Wellingtonian of the Year and chair of the Arts Council of New Zealand, Peter is currently Managing Director of the multi‐award‐winning advertising agency Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne. An expert on branding, marketing, creativity and leadership, he is well placed to assess New Zealand’s future.